Healing Can Be Exhausting

I’ve lost track what day this is in the lengthening process. We are still pushing hard to grow new bone cells. A millimeter a day. That’s the mission statement for anyone doing this distraction method of lengthening. A millimeter a day.

I reflect on the prior surgery and remember how intense this time is. I’m starting to feel the fatigue. His body is starting show signs of how taxing this is. Everything we do is to support the body’s function of duplicating cells. I’m not a nurse but I wear the hat.

All journeys of healing can be exhausting. The way we do life gets changed…at least a little. We tend to think more of what is at hand and less of the bigger picture. Hope and despair dance across our moment by moments.

More than ever I am grateful for the people that pop into our world to say hey. A text from out of the blue reminds me there is life out there! Friends from work check in and offer advice or a listening ear. Family cheer us on and offer prayers for the right nowstuff. Last night, my recently graduated daughter caught up with me just to give me a hug. Several actually. From her 4 inches taller than me stance she bent down and hugged me and hugged me, then kissed my cheek. “Mom, I just thought you needed that!” Ahhh.

I am reminded we never are alone. So millimeter by millimeter we grow our way to health. life Emerging.

Later gators,