Leg Lengthening Process

My son, Lance, was born with the left femur shorter than the other. His first shoes had an added heal lift. I still have them tucked away in a chest with baby clothes! From there, more shoe lifts were added until his first surgery at age 7.  He had a femur lengthening and we gained about 20% of bone length during the 7 month process. He was such a trooper!

Fast forward 7 more years and we are beginning the process of another lengthening. This time on the tibia of the same leg. We know some of what to expect as we are familiar with the general process.  But each situation is unique and so we are trusting God to meet all needs as they arise.

There will be two procedures performed at the same time.  First, a femur osteotomy to straighten the knee-joint.  This will actually gain us about 1cm of bone length besides the correction to the joint.

credit: workingmen.com

The process will take approximately 9 months.  I hope you will check back often and join us in the process.

Here are a few visuals to help you get a better idea.

credit: leg-lengthening.com

credit: immien.com


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