Continuing Fresh

There is a giddy emotion about the new year. New beginnings are fresh and fun and promising. Important.

I’m so curious what others are thinking about the year ahead. I’ve got a few things up my sleeve myself. God reminded me this morning that we’ll have to walk each day out.

As the sun is making that fast settle into the cold western horizon, I’m certain about this thing. As new as the calendar year is, the process is as old as time. My fresh hopes are built on steps journeyed in the past. I’m continuing a life today, always today. I’ve been set apart, carefully protected, because I’m a child of the King.

So my words for 2013 are –


Follow me, will you? Lets do this together because we never really accomplish anything alone.



Post OP Day One

Yesterday was Day One after surgery and filled with lots of firsts. Best of all we were able to go home.

His first words yesterday morning were, “Can I put my own clothes on?” He had going home on his mind from dawn.

Physical therapy worked with Lance a few times yesterday. Mostly, they wanted to get him up, and build a little strength.  He has mastered crutches before but there are situations you have to think through – like up and down stairs.  He can not put any weight on the left leg or it could collapse the bone wedge…not to mention everything is extremely painful.

The leg is wrapped and kept straight right now. So getting up and down takes assistance to support that. Blood rushing to and from the leg as it is moved increases the pain sensation.  Once up, he seems to be comfortable but gets weak quickly.

Here is the actual model of the frame that he has on the lower leg. We get to take bandages off Sunday to see the real thing. I find it extremely fascinating.

Credit: global.smith-nephew.comCredit:

One moment of reality during our stay at the hospital, a team of dancers came through to perform in the room/hall. So 3 teen/young adults turned up some Indie Rock and danced for Lance. It was very cool and certainly made you feel good just watching them. WOW!  Lance said it was really cool but he was jealous they were able to move, bend, kick. A reminder how hard it is for an active boy not to be able to. Last night in true Trojan Athlete style he says, “Pain lasts a little while, pride lasts forever.”  He knows the goal.

We appreciate all the prayers, we really do.  I was praying with my sister yesterday and as spirit speaks to spirit she spoke what I know to be true.  Lance has a story in the making. Life about to emerge. One of the most important things she prayed was that others would start to see and respect Lances story as God  unfolds and becomes real to him. Sweet prayers.


Broken Bread and Poured Out Wine

Like a guided tour, God keeps pointing out this thing: Broken bread and poured out wine. Something about community, unity, being The Body is really coming to life for me.

It’s not Easter yet. We don’t have scheduled communion. But breaking bread together, being broken, pouring out life – the blood – the wine, over and over in order to renew life. It’s building in me. Life Emerging.

And not just me. I see it around bloggy block.  I see it on the bookshelves. I’m hearing in hearts and most now I am SEEING it in my own church circle.  We are hungry for real food. And this broken bread poured out wine thing might be the Life we need to Emerge. The satisfaction we crave.

Photo by Jamie Beechum

What does it mean to you? Have you seen it lately? Are you living broken in a good way? Is all of you being poured out to find the filling to be fuller than you can imagine?

Sense the blessing my friends,

Robyn Q

Burnout, Bulges, & Benches

I’m whipped. Tired. Weary is the word. It’s not even a busy season for crying out loud!  I say no thanks more often than I say yes to distractions. Still, I am worn out.  The bulges around the eyes are ridiculous!  I’m tired of being tired!

I was reading about burnout this week.   There are different kinds of burnout apparently.  I tend to think about it in terms of career or volunteer realms. The phase, relational burnout, grabbed me this week.

The fact is we can try too hard, work past the buzzer, focus too long and our efforts become a waste. Time belongs to God.  I get so excited about what God is showing me that I forget to breath, rest.  I pursue beyond the boundary of a day. I go after manna like it’s an Easter egg hunt. For what? Time belongs to God. He’ll be there in the next thing. He’ll teach me tomorrow.

14 As with cattle going down into a peaceful valley,
the Spirit of the LORD gave them rest. ~ Isaiah 63:14

Someone coined the phrase “built-in benches”. I’m trying that on. God provides pit stops, time outs, refueling stations. I’m going to start taking them! I’m going to look for them and live in those moments. In relationships, as well.

My girl was having a morning.  I didn’t get up in it though.  I sipped my coffee on the couch. Prayed for her.  Thought about how a good hair day can really be a blessing. Off to school she went. On to her next big thang.  Life Emerging, bulging her schedule & sanity. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Sigh.

It’s the weekend and I’m ready to slide onto the weekend bench. Join me, will ya?



Be blessed,

Robyn Q

Valentine Threads

Isn’t this sweet?  His and her names stitched together. Threads that record individual names that are joined, connected, some with last names, some without.  Name blocks beautifully displayed on cheery cloth.  This is a timeless valentine.

I don’t know much about this quilt. It was left in the home of my in-laws after the grandparents had passed.  I fell in love with it.  Some names I recognize as family, others were friends of that generation.  I picture some creative and crafty lady inspiring other lady friends over dinner and card parties to stitch blocks to share. A great idea of preserving a warm sense of community and family together. Recording names as a gift of legacy. I’d say they did good!

For this season, I am displaying it as a living Valentine.  A fresh reminder that love has no end, it never goes out of style, and it always cost something…time.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
For I will declare, “Faithful love is built up forever; You establish Your faithfulness in the heavens.”  Psalm 89:1-3

Be blessed today,

Robyn Q