Help? How?

So you want help but you can’t find help. You tried to help but they don’t want your help.

What’s our deal, anyway? I’m on this adventure of being a Jesus follower, learning about Kingdom living, my eyes ever adjusting to seeing God in the present. Community living, being one with the Father, is still pretty new for me.

I know in the growing that Life Emerges and I start to mature. Lately, I am contemplating what help looks like. The giving and the receiving. It takes vulnerability to ask for help. And help doesn’t always come in the way we expect – or want. So is that help? And when we are “helping” others are we really helping?

Every situation is different for sure. But as the Body of Christ I think we have some things to learn.  I don’t have answers but lets talk about it.  Share some ideas & experience. We both can learn more, right?  I’d let you go first but…well…anyway. Here is my random thoughts this week:

  • Be specific when you offer help to someone. “Let me know if you need anything” doesn’t mean beans.
  • Listen! Find out what the need is. Be a friend. Don’t be a fixer.
  • If someone is vulnerable enough to ask you for a favor be dead honest with them. No, I don’t want to help in that way. Or I can’t do that right now.
  • Let them know WHAT you CAN do…even it is nothing at that time.
  • Be realistic when you ask for help. One person isn’t your end all solution.
  • Learn to see what God might bring you in the way of help. Open your eyes. Then give thanks.
  • Remember God is in the undone and the messy not just the organized & tidy.
  • Know one anthers strengths and remind them.  Sometimes we are a bridge to finding the help for one anther.
  • Remember the little things. Life Emerges in the little grains of this garden of living. Remember the small stuff.

I want to encourage somebody with their garden & with raising their livestock. That’s where my heart is this week. And I would love it if someone to come haul some tables & chairs back to the church for me.  And of course, I imagine I would be giddy if someone asked if they could stop at the store today for me.

How can we help one anther?

Be blessed my friends!


A Wrench and the Blowdryer

We are 18 days into the leg lengthening process.  So far so good I am happy to report.

Image by Leo Reynolds via Flicker

He is getting more mobile and as comfortable as can be expected.  Pin sites continue to flare up and cause concern but that is part of living with an ex-fix. We appreciate prayers for continued healing and protection from mega bacteria.  There are 10 holes with pins or wires to deal with. I never take happy pin sites for granted.

The skin is thin over the shin bone and we are starting to see some tearing.  Yes, that is painful! The wires are smaller in diameter which seems like they would be more comfortable to “wear”.  The down side to wires protruding from the skin is they want to heal (seal) together, trapping germs beneath the skin and in the tract, only to break open in the form of a sore.

Are you still with me? I know these details aren’t for everyone.

The soft tissues are feeling the effects of the bone growing so rapidly. They have less ability to “stretch” or duplicate compared to how quickly bone cells fill in.  In the beginning, the soft tissues have built-in elasticity by nature so they keep up well.  The further we go the more difficult it is for muscles, tendons, and as we see…skin.

One of the struts is so tight that I can’t move it with my fingertips now. I have to use a wrench to turn the nut that lengthens that side.  I’m no stranger to using tools but mammas shouldn’t have to use it on their babies! Luckily, it isn’t too painful for the Bionic Boy. You want to know what his concern was?  “Don’t scratch my paint, Mom.” Really? The finish on the ex-fix was the least of my concerns.  Boys.

He also was noticing that the black finish on the fixator was starting to show water spots from the shower.  I told him he could use my blow dryer on cool after he got out of the shower to dry it. He was all over that tonight.

I guess when you have a piercing like this one you want to keep it shiny.

Everyday we have a good day we know God is near. Everyday there are challenges we know God is near. He is in the good & bad days. Life is Emerging as we recognize the fullness of life in the here and now.

I hope you see more of Him in your days…the good and the bad ones. He is near & He cares about every detail.

What are your tools turned into blessings?

Post OP Day One

Yesterday was Day One after surgery and filled with lots of firsts. Best of all we were able to go home.

His first words yesterday morning were, “Can I put my own clothes on?” He had going home on his mind from dawn.

Physical therapy worked with Lance a few times yesterday. Mostly, they wanted to get him up, and build a little strength.  He has mastered crutches before but there are situations you have to think through – like up and down stairs.  He can not put any weight on the left leg or it could collapse the bone wedge…not to mention everything is extremely painful.

The leg is wrapped and kept straight right now. So getting up and down takes assistance to support that. Blood rushing to and from the leg as it is moved increases the pain sensation.  Once up, he seems to be comfortable but gets weak quickly.

Here is the actual model of the frame that he has on the lower leg. We get to take bandages off Sunday to see the real thing. I find it extremely fascinating.

Credit: global.smith-nephew.comCredit:

One moment of reality during our stay at the hospital, a team of dancers came through to perform in the room/hall. So 3 teen/young adults turned up some Indie Rock and danced for Lance. It was very cool and certainly made you feel good just watching them. WOW!  Lance said it was really cool but he was jealous they were able to move, bend, kick. A reminder how hard it is for an active boy not to be able to. Last night in true Trojan Athlete style he says, “Pain lasts a little while, pride lasts forever.”  He knows the goal.

We appreciate all the prayers, we really do.  I was praying with my sister yesterday and as spirit speaks to spirit she spoke what I know to be true.  Lance has a story in the making. Life about to emerge. One of the most important things she prayed was that others would start to see and respect Lances story as God  unfolds and becomes real to him. Sweet prayers.