Help? How?

So you want help but you can’t find help. You tried to help but they don’t want your help.

What’s our deal, anyway? I’m on this adventure of being a Jesus follower, learning about Kingdom living, my eyes ever adjusting to seeing God in the present. Community living, being one with the Father, is still pretty new for me.

I know in the growing that Life Emerges and I start to mature. Lately, I am contemplating what help looks like. The giving and the receiving. It takes vulnerability to ask for help. And help doesn’t always come in the way we expect – or want. So is that help? And when we are “helping” others are we really helping?

Every situation is different for sure. But as the Body of Christ I think we have some things to learn.  I don’t have answers but lets talk about it.  Share some ideas & experience. We both can learn more, right?  I’d let you go first but…well…anyway. Here is my random thoughts this week:

  • Be specific when you offer help to someone. “Let me know if you need anything” doesn’t mean beans.
  • Listen! Find out what the need is. Be a friend. Don’t be a fixer.
  • If someone is vulnerable enough to ask you for a favor be dead honest with them. No, I don’t want to help in that way. Or I can’t do that right now.
  • Let them know WHAT you CAN do…even it is nothing at that time.
  • Be realistic when you ask for help. One person isn’t your end all solution.
  • Learn to see what God might bring you in the way of help. Open your eyes. Then give thanks.
  • Remember God is in the undone and the messy not just the organized & tidy.
  • Know one anthers strengths and remind them.  Sometimes we are a bridge to finding the help for one anther.
  • Remember the little things. Life Emerges in the little grains of this garden of living. Remember the small stuff.

I want to encourage somebody with their garden & with raising their livestock. That’s where my heart is this week. And I would love it if someone to come haul some tables & chairs back to the church for me.  And of course, I imagine I would be giddy if someone asked if they could stop at the store today for me.

How can we help one anther?

Be blessed my friends!


I love hearing your thoughts!

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