Stop Yelling it Hurts My Foot

Nerves are weird.  More than actual pain he complains of irritating sensations.  One is the warm water over his foot in the shower & the other is loud noises. He says he can “feel” the noise in his foot & the water feels irritating instead of soothing.  Nerves are weird, I tell you!

Lance has had some nerve pain in the top of his foot since surgery. The doctor determined the L5 nerve which branches off and runs around the back of the knee is feeling a little fussy. If this doesn’t stop they will have to go in an decompress it – which would be another surgery.  Lets just say Mama don’t want to mess with L5!  We are praying as the lengthening goes along it settles down.

Tonight, in typical family fashion, I was hashing out something with my daughter (that is about to graduate in a few days) and things got…loud-ish.  You know how women who are trying to prove a point get. Well, from the living room Lance informs us we need to stop talking because it hurts his foot. We looked at each other and busted up laughing.

Isn’t humor the best medicine?! It put things in perspective for me tonight.  I’ll take it…a gift from heaven.

What did you almost miss today? Did humor save a moment?

Find your blessing,


One thought on “Stop Yelling it Hurts My Foot

  1. When we learn to see the humor in every day life, life gets better and better.
    When women get load, it normaly hurts a mans ears. Not their foot.
    We will hold you all in our prays’

    Bill & Mary


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