Meet My Bionic Boy

The days are going by crazy fast!  I head back to work tomorrow.  I will be an hour away from the Bionic Boy.  He will attempt full days of school this week.  I think he’ll do great. I will be relying on some moms & grandmas around the community & our church to be “on call” to pick him up and hang out if he just can’t make it all day. One thing about teenage boys, they find their “want to” when an over protective mom/grandma wants to smother them. True!

He has asked for prayers on catching up on homework and facing finials. The kid likes his A’s and having to take a lesser grade is disappointing to him. Join me?

We started the lengthening process on Friday. Each evening we pull out the prescribed spreadsheet and turn the 6 struts to the determined number assigned to the day.  It isn’t as painful as you might think. Lance describes the sensation as “pressure”.  I expect he will become less comfortable to the process as the lengthening goes along. The soft tissues, muscle, ligaments, and tendons, don’t stretch as fast as the bone can grow.

It will be 40 days of lengthening.  I believe, maybe you do to, that 40 days is a significant number.  I’m praying about the implications of the 40. That will be a future post. I know God is always up to something. He starts with something physical to demonstrate the spiritual.


PS. The pictures might be are a bit graphic. I am so sorry if it makes your stomach turn. The process is complex and I find it fascinating. It’s good we can understand the full deal here.

Thank you for your prayers & keeping in touch.  Be blessed!








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