Let’s Operate

We’ve dialed in the date.  The doctors x-rayed every angle.  Lance was the 1st patient on a brand new machine at St Luke’s Meridian, even. We’ve looked at growth plates and the doctor has calculated math that looks more like a language.  This Thursday, May 3rd Dr. Robison with Intermountain Orthopedics will perform the surgery.

As you can see we the left knee is obscure.   What you can’t really see is the difference of the length of the legs. He is standing on blocks for this x-ray. They wanted a hip level x-ray. Can you see the thickened bone on the upper part of the thigh? That is the extra calcification from the 1st leg lengthening surgery we did a few years back.  Isn’t the body amazing?

So the plan is:

  1. Perform an osteotomy on the femur just above the knee. This will be wedge cut into the bone.  This will add a few millimeters of length but the main purpose is to rotate the knee. We won’t have to actually enter the joint. A bone plate will be placed over that bone cut to stabilize it. They will do this below the knee as well.
  2. Attach a frame to the lower portion of the leg.  They will cut the bones, attach wires/pins in strategic areas of the leg to stabilize the bone and connect the ring frame.

The surgery will be performed in the morning and hopefully will take about 2-3 hours. We are planning an overnight observation stay and then headed home on crutches.  He might be out of school for week but this kid has drive to have things his way.  He wants to go back on Wednesday. How many 8th graders want to go to school! I think it’s a good thing. We’ll see how the pain goes and how much he sleeps.

Lance has been dead on set that this is the best time to get this done.  He has wrangled doctors, parents, and anyone who would listen. I believe God just put it in his heart. We’ve prayed this through and I feel confident about going forward.  I have fears, but I have greater trust in a God that loves to heal and protect.

Lance is staying as active as possible before the surgery. He knows he is going to miss the freedom.













2 thoughts on “Let’s Operate

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  2. I have some serious catching up to do here! My husband deals with X-rays a lot (he’s a sports chiro), so as soon as I saw the image, I was already trying to figure out the story.Your son sounds brave and determined…ready to face this head-on. That will serve him well! Praying for God’s hand to be upon the entire process. xo, Linsey

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