Broken Bread and Poured Out Wine

Like a guided tour, God keeps pointing out this thing: Broken bread and poured out wine. Something about community, unity, being The Body is really coming to life for me.

It’s not Easter yet. We don’t have scheduled communion. But breaking bread together, being broken, pouring out life – the blood – the wine, over and over in order to renew life. It’s building in me. Life Emerging.

And not just me. I see it around bloggy block.  I see it on the bookshelves. I’m hearing in hearts and most now I am SEEING it in my own church circle.  We are hungry for real food. And this broken bread poured out wine thing might be the Life we need to Emerge. The satisfaction we crave.

Photo by Jamie Beechum

What does it mean to you? Have you seen it lately? Are you living broken in a good way? Is all of you being poured out to find the filling to be fuller than you can imagine?

Sense the blessing my friends,

Robyn Q


One thought on “Broken Bread and Poured Out Wine

  1. Robyn this is stunningly beautiful and right. I am seeing this. I’m writing this, and it is resonating with so many. To be broken and poured out and telling others where you are is real food – because it allows them to see the Work the sweet healer is doing in my life.

    Thank you friend. So lovely to see you.

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