Purpose of Marriage

As I continue my quest to SEE God I’m stopping to explore His purpose for marriage.  I know it seems obvious to most people. You see, I realize that just because something is familiar doesn’t mean that I have an understanding.

Photo credit: Joie De Vivre

When I determined that I wanted to understand God’s design, His purpose, see married persons through His lens, I knew it wouldn’t be reading how-to books.  Organic learning takes time, extra attention, and much listening.  It’s so real!  I never forget the things He teaches me this way.  He such a patient professor.

I’m only beginning to see.   I could be on this journey for a long time. Like rings in a tree there is always another layer to tell a story – a tale to reflect the bigness of the Maker.

So I’ll share some random highlights of what He emerged in me this week.

From 1 Peter  Chapter 3

  • Women don’t give way to fear  (Yikes! I fight fear frequently)
  • Hair styles, jewelry, and fine clothes can be a distraction (True…)
  • Hope makes women beautiful (Hope makes anyone/any creature beautiful!)

I don’t want to miss out on living my purpose. Being a woman may not be my eternal identity but for the walking it out in this life, the right now, I want to embrace Gods design to the fullest. It just might be that as I grow through this lifetime of feminine perspective my soul will grow and mature into the fullness of Wholeness.

Isn’t is such a curious thing? God creating male and female yet He possesses the characteristics of both! Oh I want to poke my head above the soil to see His Glorious Light! Life Emerging.

Dig deep and watch as He emerges in you, too!

Rich blessings to you,

Robyn Q


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