Burnout, Bulges, & Benches

I’m whipped. Tired. Weary is the word. It’s not even a busy season for crying out loud!  I say no thanks more often than I say yes to distractions. Still, I am worn out.  The bulges around the eyes are ridiculous!  I’m tired of being tired!

I was reading about burnout this week.   There are different kinds of burnout apparently.  I tend to think about it in terms of career or volunteer realms. The phase, relational burnout, grabbed me this week.

The fact is we can try too hard, work past the buzzer, focus too long and our efforts become a waste. Time belongs to God.  I get so excited about what God is showing me that I forget to breath, rest.  I pursue beyond the boundary of a day. I go after manna like it’s an Easter egg hunt. For what? Time belongs to God. He’ll be there in the next thing. He’ll teach me tomorrow.

14 As with cattle going down into a peaceful valley,
the Spirit of the LORD gave them rest. ~ Isaiah 63:14

Someone coined the phrase “built-in benches”. I’m trying that on. God provides pit stops, time outs, refueling stations. I’m going to start taking them! I’m going to look for them and live in those moments. In relationships, as well.

My girl was having a morning.  I didn’t get up in it though.  I sipped my coffee on the couch. Prayed for her.  Thought about how a good hair day can really be a blessing. Off to school she went. On to her next big thang.  Life Emerging, bulging her schedule & sanity. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Sigh.

It’s the weekend and I’m ready to slide onto the weekend bench. Join me, will ya?



Be blessed,

Robyn Q


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